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All activities



We offer a wide array of activities which can all be combined into an entire programme,

Whether it is active, entertaining or cultural. Pick one or more of the following activities:

1 activity € 8,00 p.p.

2 activities of your choice € 14,50 p.p.

Extra activities € 5,00 per activity

All activities can be combined, except for Paintball and Zip-Line jumps.


In our caves:

Laser Tag

Armed with an ultra-modern lasergun and –vest you

manoeuvre yourself through corridors filled with black

lights and disco lights. Find you opponents and find out who

has the best shooting technique. Who will end up with the

highest score? Duration: 20 minutes per game.



Human Table Football

Everyone is familiar with the well-known table football

game. Spinning the handles and trying to get the ball past

the defenders and the goalkeeper. Only this time, it’s you on

the pitch! Take part in the tournament en step off the pitch

as a true champion. Duration: 30 minutes per game.


Dance Battle

Swing and battle with us in this unique dance game. The

combination of gaming, music and moving makes this

activity popular for all ages.

Duration: 30 minutes per game.

Party Games

Four party games that will played in a special underground

location. Battle against each other in exciting games and try

to beat your opponents.

Duration: 1 hour.

Outdoor Activities


The chairlift will take you to the Wilhelmina tower 68 meters higher up.

Within the monumental tower you can find a restaurant/Café.

From the terrace you’ll have a astonishing  panorama view.

Duration: 15 minutes one way.


Test your hand-eye coordination on 18 mini-golf courses.

Will you be the one with the least strokes after 18 holes?

Beat all your opponents and become the new mini-golf king!

Duration: 1 hour.


The chairlift will take you to the start of the track. Swish

downhill one the 375 and 325 meter long tracks. You can

determine your own speed by applying the breaks where

you want. Duration: 60 minutes for 4 rides (incl. chairlift)

GPS Hike

By connecting with the satellites the GPS device knows

exactly where you are on the Earth. The device only shows

you the distance in helicopter view which means you’ll have

to find the rest of the way yourself. Duration: 2 hours.


Dare to take the 35m jump from the Wilhelmina watchtower?

Guided by a professional you will jump off the edge and fly down the 100 meter long rope.

€ 10,00 first jump

€5,00 second jump

(Adult prices)