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Dance battle 1.jpg

Dance battle


The Dance Battle does not take place into the cave till 1 February 2016 because of Magic Sand.

Dance Battle: The Ultimate Indoor Dance-game at the Wilhelmina Cave at Valkenburg a/d Geul.

Loosen your hips, get your feet of the ground and join this unique Dance Battle at AGoGo Valkenburg. The entertaining music together with the funny elements of the game ensures pure pleasure and excitement!

An activity for young and old. The fun combination of dancing on entertaining music in form of an exciting game makes it especially attractive for younger children but also the Adults love it.

A perfect social activity for school trips, birthday party’s, teambuilding programs or just a fun day out!

How does it work?

Each participant stands on his own Dancing plate with four arrows: one forward, one backwards, one left and one right. The Dancing Plate is connected with a computer and a video projector. Each step of the participants will be monitored as soon as the music plus video clip starts. The participants have to follow the dancing steps that are shown on the big screen in front of them. There are multiple levels. The person with the best dancing moves will score the most points and will be Awarded as The Dancing Queen/King!

Who dares to battle? Book your reservation now en join us! Successful, entertaining activity guaranteed!

This game is played with a maximum group of 12 people.