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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum age for the Lasergame?
A certain age is not necessary but it’s essential to have a minimum length of about 120cm to wear the laser vest!

Shall I make a early reservation?

To make an early reservation is the best way to be sure of having a possibility to join the game! You need 6 people minimum to make a reservation. If you are not enough you have option to come around on regular business hours of the chairlift and the toboggan run and make use of the last-minute-offer. It’s also an easy way to call and ask if there is already a reservation which you can join.

How long will it take to play a lasergame match?

The activity takes about 30 minutes with a maximum of about 25 players. Of these 30 minutes, there are 20 minutes reserved for the actual game and 10 minutes for the introduction, the grabbing of the equipment and the final score after the match. 

Is it possible to play with our group privately?

There is the possibility to rent a lasergame arena.

What is the reason for children’s parties being more expensive on Saturdays and after 6.00pm?
There are always more adults to play lasergames on Saturdays and after 6.00pm. We try to separate adults and children while the game. No it is not dangerous to play against “older” persons but the reason is that children have more fun if they play alone with other children. On Saturdays is no possibility for this separation because of the large number of adults who come to play.

Is there any danger for pregnant people to play lasergames?

No there is no danger because the “laser beam” is only a infra-red ray of light.
But remember always that this game takes place in a cave! This means that there is rough ground! Therefore is it advisable to move in a calm way.

Is it possible for persons in a wheelchair to play also a lasergame?

Yes this is possible but it is required to have someone who is in charge to move the wheelchair around. This will be a hard job because of that rough ground in the cave!