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Laser game for all ages

Enjoy the excitement ...

Lasergame A GoGo Valkenburg



A dark underground area, mysterious shadows, amazing smoke and light effects, ominous sounds, and armed opponents.

Armed with an ultra modern laser gun and vest you will enter a by blacklight and discolight lit cave in search of the opponent.
But be wary, opponents may have laid an ambush!
Lasergame in the caves of Valkenburg is unique, because it is the only place in the Netherlands where you can play this exciting game in an underground area.
Anyone who has ever played here is ecstatic!
Before you enter the Lasergame arena you get a thorough instruction from a professional instructor. Each participant then gets a high-tech laser vest with an ultra modern laser gun.
Special mines are enabled to give you extra points, functions, or other mysterious extras. So be on red alert!
After the game, each team receives a score form.

In Short; Lasergame in the caves of Valkenburg is extremely suitable for an exciting children's Party, school trip, Bachelor Party or simply with a group of friends to play.

Reservation from a minimum of 6 persons.

Enter and join in on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 until 17.00 you (full = full).
Minimum length is 1.20 m (w.r.t. laser address).

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