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Party Games


Attenton; Because of Magic Sand the Party games do not take place in the cave till 1 February 2016.

Jenga XL
Which contestant will be the one to make the tower collapse? Taking turns, the teams will try to remove one of the stones from the tower and attempt to use this stone to build another floor on top of the tower. The team responsible for the collapse of the tower will get a 5 point deduction, which will be added to the other teams’ score. Who has the best sense of balance and a steady hand?

Will you be the one to remove the most sticks from the pile without moving the other ones? Until you move one of the other sticks, it’s your turn. To increase the difficulty of the game, the sticks are magnified to 100cm. Whoever possesses the most sticks after 10 minutes wins the game.

Horseshoe Throwing
Feel like a real cowboy in the wild west. A game where only the best win. Are you accurate enough to throw a horseshoe around a small wooden post from a distance of 5 metres? When you succeed in landing the horseshoe around the post, you receive 3 points. If the horseshoe is located within one metre of the post, you receive one point. Players will take turns and throw one horseshoe. Whoever has the most points after 10 minutes wins.

Skittles in the Cave
A subterranean skittle alley in our cave. Try and knock down as mane pins as possible on the 2 metre long alley. The ball and pins are smaller than those you are used to, which increases the difficulty of the game tenfold! Taking turns, every players throws 2 balls. Whoever has the most point after 10 minutes is the winner of the game.


Rates Party Games

Individual activity € 9,00 p.p.
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Game Specifications:  
Minimum number of participants per game 8 persons
Maximum number of participants per game 12 persons
Duration 30 minutes

With larger groups, the groups will be split or the activity will be combined with one of our other activities. It is also possible to use substitute players.