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Arrangements for pupils start at 6 participants.

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Choose the activity you want to do and select how often you want to do it

Number of people
Number of activities Price Total
Laser Tag
Dance Battle
Human Table Football
Party Games
Chairlift- 4 rides toboggan (from 9 years)
Chairlift- Unlimited tubing (up to 9 years)
Mini golf
AGoGoPS; GPS walking tour. Pick one of three different routes
Zip-Line (starting at 15 persons)
Schooltrip package
Where appropriate, to include: :
Subtotal: 0.00
Cone with fries and snack, and one consumption in our picnick area
Fries at the Wilhelminatoren or in our Cave Chalet incl. 1 drink
Pizza incl. one Capri Sun
Wilhelminalunch 1 ( soup + 2 rolls (white & brown), croquette, cheese, ham, salad (excl. drinks) )
Wilhelminalunch 2 ( soup + 2 rolls (white & brown), croquette, cheese, ham, salad (incl. 2 beverages) )
Packed lunch (1 ham sandwich, 1 cheese sandwich, piece of fruit, candybar and a Capri-sun)
Dutch finger food incl. 2 beverages
Barbecue (minimum 15 persons)
Pancakes + Soda
Subtotal: 0.00
Drinking vouchers
Estimated duration of package:: 0 h
Total: 0.00
You have too few activities selected.